Top 5 Wednesday

T5W #3 | Books You Want to Read Before the End of the Year

Today is Wednesday which means it is time for Top 5 Wednesday. This week’s topic is “Books you want to read before the end of the year” so I will be discussing the top five books that I want to read before the year is over. These books are either that books that have been on my TBR forever or books that I need to read to continue with a series that I have started what seems like forever ago.

1 | The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson



I’ve heard many great things about this book and I really wanna get around to reading this. I love fantasy, especially high fantasy. I always find myself deeply emerged in these kinds of books and I am hoping the same for this one.

2 | The Drawing of Three (The Dark Tower #2) by Stephen King



Now this one has just been sitting on my TBR for quite some time. I thought I would have been gotten to it by now being that I read the first book, The Gunslinger, in 2015. I would really like to have this series finished either this year or next year.


3 | The Child Thief by Brom



I’ve really been meaning to get to this one as it a dark retelling of Peter Pan and I absolutely love fairy tale retellings.



4 | Night Film by Marisha Pessl 



I have been wanting to read this book since it came out in 2013 but for some reason, I have still not gotten around to reading it, even after all the great reviews by some of my favorite booktubers and book bloggers. Hopefully, I will finally get this one crossed off my list.


5 | Day 21 (The 100 #2) by Kass Morgan



It has been over 3 years since I read the first book in this series and I have all four books, but for some reason, I have not continued with the series. I would like to continue the series so I can finish up the tv show as well. I am so behind.


And there we have the top 5 books I want to read before 2018 is behind us: one series starter, two that continue a series and two standalones. Which books do you would you like to finish before 2018 is over? And have you read any of the books that I plan to read?


Until next time!!!

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