Wrap Up

April Wrap Up

Well April is officially over. It passed way too fast for me. Shockingly I was able to climb out of my reading slump. And with that being said, I read 6 books and 5 novellas in April for a total of 2,129 pages. It was a great comeback being that I read more in April than I had so far this year. So here is what I read in April:
beautiful bitch

1 | Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastard #1.5) by Christina Lauren 

160 pages 

Adult Contemporary Romance

Where to begin? Hmmm…I really don’t know. Let’s just say that while I did enjoy this book I expected it to be more about this vacation they took. However, over half of the novella is about the events that took place before this said vacation. That had me upset to the utmost degree. But as I said I did enjoy it and was happy with the ending.

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What I Read During Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

So Dewey’ 24 hour readathon is over. It ran from 8 am April 29th to 8 am April 30th. I didn’t get as much read as I wanted to, but I did get a good amount read. I even managed to start and finish a book that I hadn’t even planned on picking up. So what all did I get read? Check it out below.  Continue reading “What I Read During Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon”


Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon

So today starts Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon. Yay!! I definitely need and am going to take part in this readathon today. I have a few books that I want to finish up before April is over, so this readathon is the perfect event to help me do just that. The readathon is hosted over at Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and is usually hosted twice a year. There you can find the reader and volunteer sign ups. You’ll also find an IG mini challenge that will be taking place during this challenge. I personally won’t be taking part in the mini challenge as I don’t have a bookstagram. I have enough IGs as it is (a personal one, a simstagram and one for IMVU). But any of you who do have one it seems like a good mini challenge to take part in.

Throughout the day, I will try to post how far I have made it through my reading. I’m thinking of maybe four hour intervals, but will most likely be the halfway point or just random. I like being random sometimes. Anywho, I thought for the start of the challenge I would share with you guys the books I plan on reading during the readathon. Most of these books have already been started and I have less than 5 chapters to finish. Well here they are:  Continue reading “Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon”

Book Hauls

April Book Haul

So April has come and is nearly gone. I feel like this month has flown by. Anywho, I acquired a good amount of books in April. 10 books to be exact. So let’s get started.


1 | Hunted by Meagan Spooner

384 pages

Young Adult Fairy Tale Retelling

I love fairy tale re-tellings and this is a Beauty and the Beast re-telling. I mean who doesn’t love a fairy tale re-telling? So I definitely had to get my hands on a copy of this book. I haven’t read any other book from Meagan Spooner, so it will be nice to finally read one of her books. I’m really interested to see how Spooner will change or twist the original tale of Beauty and the Beast. I’ll most likely be reading this in May because I’m eager to pick this up.

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Top 5 Wednesday

T5W #1|Authors You Want to Read More From

This week’s topic for Top 5 Wednesday is to talk about the top 5 authors that you’ve only read one or a few books from, and you NEED to read more!

This was difficult for me because there are a lot of authors that I want to read more of their books. However, I manage to decide on a top 5.

1. Sarah Addison Allen

garden spells

Garden Spells, which is the first book in the Waverley Family series, is the only book I have read from Sarah Addison Allen. It was a really great book that I finished in about 3 days last year. I would really like to finish the series which consists of only 2 books. I loved the way that Allen wields magical realism into the book. It’s not overly powerful like some books by other authors are. I just really enjoyed this book and would like to read more from her. Continue reading “T5W #1|Authors You Want to Read More From”

Book Reviews

Book Review | Willow by Julia Hoban


Title: Willow

Author: Julia Hoban

Series: N/A

Publication Date: January 1, 2009

Genre: Young Adult

Page Count: 329 pages


Seven months ago on a rainy March night, Willow’s parents drank too much wine at dinner and asked her to drive them home. But they never made it–Willow lost control of the car, and both of her parents were killed.

Now seventeen, Willow is living with her older brother, who can barely speak to her. She has left behind her old home, friends, and school. But Willow has found a way to survive, to numb the new reality of her life: She is secretly cutting herself.

And then she meets Guy, a boy as sensitive and complicated as she is. When Guy discovers Willow’s secret, he pulls her out of the solitary world she’s created for herself, and into a difficult, intense, and potentially life-changing relationship.

Julia Hoban has created an unflinching story about cutting, grieving, and starting anew. But above all, she has written an unforgettable tale of first love.

— Blurb provided by GoodReads

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